Excellence Speaks for Itself!

Our highest quality leather products are definitely a one-time investment that lasts for years to come!

Our expert craftsmen use superior quality genuine leather to manufacture trendy and stylish leather travel bags, leather laptop bags, leather duffle bags, leather jackets, and leather phone covers.

We pick rich leather texture based on durability, functionality, and how it ages exquisitely. We also use leather from sources that least impact the environment.

We use full-grain tanned leather, made with chemical-free natural processes, to craft natural looking products that age fantastically.

We constantly improve leather processing machinery and craft each leather good with great precision. 

We combine finest craftsmanship with distinctive style that matches your needs for elegance and fineness!

How to Care for Highest Quality Leather Products?

Our superior quality leather would stand the test of time while you care for your favourite picks through years!

What If Leather Gets Wet?

If you end up spilling water, fizzy drink, or wine on your favourite leather pick, wipe it with a soft, clean cloth gently, and let it dry. Keep away from sunlight and if it needs reconditioning, use a non-coloured leather cream or a conditioner organically-made to bring back the rich texture and sheen.