The Story - Part One

We are Noble & Smith. Previously called Les Noble.
Les Noble was the beginning of our journey.
We started out with selling these amazing canvas watch rolls. The first design had room for four watches, all the pockets were lined with microfiber suede. Over time the design changed a bit making the last model a great travel accessory for your watches. Your watch would be safe during travels and clean once you took it out due to the microfiber suede!

 First canvas watch roll

Even though this was not the initial goal, it did pave the way to Noble & Smith.
The initial goal of Les Noble was to build a brand that would focus solely on gentlemen.
We made some great credit card wallets when starting Les Noble. But unfortunately we approached the market completely wrong and this failed. So we kept focusing on the one product that we already sold and kept on selling it.

 First prototypes Credit Card Wallets.

After a while, the idea of a true gentlemen’s brand started coming up again, and again.
The desire of building a brand that offers, mostly leather, accessories for gentlemen at an honest price, made in a humane way and of superb quality paired with timeless designs. 

And while we don’t have a rich history. This is the beginning of making one.
This is our start, join us in making history.


This was part one of ‘The Story’.
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