Make a professional power statement with these good brands of leather jackets

When it comes to stylish outerwear, Jackets are the first option a person goes for. The history of wearing leather jackets is as old as the 1950s. Initially, jackets were considered as a uniform of bikers as biker leather jackets. After many Hollywood celebrities pulled off leather jackets to be in trend, it became a part of fashion. For now, you don't need to be a famous actor or a furious biker to make a new trend. Social media is a fashion industry itself, where everyone is walking on the ramp of hashtags and posts. Buying a leather jacket for your closet can be the trickiest if you don't know where to buy one from. People find it awkward to wear leather jackets commonly.

There are different kinds of leather jackets in the market, believing the idea of leather jackets for everyone to choose according to one's comfortability and personality. Buying a leather product is mostly desired from a trusted brand. We have organized a list of good brands of leather jackets for you to be in the spotlight everywhere you go.

1. Schott NYC

The Schott's ‘perfecto’ leather jacket is to die for. It has indisputably become a top priority in many people's wish list after Marlon Brando wore it. Their jackets are a kind of luxury everybody wishes to have. Schotts NYC come on top of the good brands of leather jackets.

2. The Jacket Maker

The Jacket maker is a B2C (Business to Consumer) brand unique in terms of its customization. They provide the customer with customization of colors, sizes, and styles. Additionally, they offer embroidery services if a person wants to customize a logo any other embroidery in their jacket. The Jacket maker counts on traditional tailoring methods to fit in the classic touch of all times.

3. The Iconic

If you are skimming for affordability and variety in one place, The Iconic is the best option to start with. They offer a huge variety of leather jackets, from a chic faux leather jacket to a durable moto racer leather jacket. Iconic has it all.


4. End Clothing

Pulling out a legit biker leather jacket becomes easy with End clothing. Their ACNE STUDIOS NATE CLEAN LEATHER JACKET is every teenager's preferred article. They have the type of biker jacket that rules them all. You can slot them with your basic colored T-shirt and Voila! You are now the talk of the town.

5. Belstaf

Belstaf leather jackets have a combination of cafe racer and bomber jacket look with a history of biker's clothing. It is perfect for people who don't want a tough look like of biker jacket. Their jackets are more versatile and have a hint of graceful attitude. Many Hollywood stars have acknowledged these UK beauties, from which Brad Pitt is the one.

6. FarFetch

FarFetch is known for its Persian-inspired exquisite biker jacket. Their jackets are tailored to perfection to give a slim-fit look. Their classic button-up leather jacket with perfectly stitched lining is a must-have option.

7. Noble & Smith

Noble & Smith is an Australian brand. Their leather jackets are handmade and speak of the true craftsmanship they hold. If you want to go for classic tones of leather jackets, Noble & Smith is the most reachable option. they provides elite quality men and women leather jackets

8. AllSaints

AllSaints' messy yet aesthetic approach has all the charismatic effects in their leather jackets that every teenager desires for. This London-born brand provides the best picks for probably the most trending and sleekest jackets.

9. Taylor Stitch

The groundwork for which Taylor stitch established was the proposal to fulfil the environment needs and jumps on producing durable leather jackets of its kind. These jackets are designed with such material that they ensure to last long. They have a wide range for Aviator to biker cuts and bombers.

Tip to make your leather jacket long-lasting.

Life of your jacket is not always upon good brands of leather jackets. We can't deny that weather conditions affect the leather surface resulting in colour fading and creases. Take good care of your jacket by cleaning the dirt timely and applying an organic conditioner to preserve its shine