Nobel&Smith And The World Of Timeless Leather

Leather is an eternal material that is multifunctional at its core. Nobel & Smith was founded in 2016 to rekindle the heavenly experience of owning luxurious, myriad modern, timeless leather apparel & accessories. For us owning statement leather pieces is an experience everyone should have. Our leather is made so that it is super smooth to touch and finished in hues that are enough to put a statement twist on dopamine dressing. In simple terms, our leather is charismatic remarkable, yet as understated as possible.

Our finest leather jackets and bags would never fail to make you feel nostalgic for glorious Victorian times that scream ‘classiness’ even today! Bringing back the nostalgia while standing up to leather product’s vogue, Nobel & Smith is a one-stop shop for both fashion and functionality. We endeavour to evoke modern aesthetics via our refined leather bags, jackets, and accessories.

You might ask yourself- there are a hundred other cheaper options in the market then why should I opt for Nobel & Smith. You might find yourself asking the question what makes us different from the rest?

Well, to put it simply we have talented artisans at work who are committed to the cause of providing the best leather pieces. Whether it is a jacket or a laptop bag. Our artists are dedicated. Our simple yet sophisticated style makes it complementary to any look, giving a touch of edge from simple to classy ensembles. Despite most leather's sleek design, its Nobel & Smith's functionality that truly makes it stand out. Nobel & Smith is the definition of our commitment to bring premium and authentic leather products right at your doorsteps. Thus, we utilize full grain leather that’s easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, each design is sleek, stylish, and carefully pondered on before crafting the final product.

All in all, putting together timeless designs and long-standing craft, we invest the best of our resources so you can have the best quality leather products.

Besides, the point of good leather is to ultimately tell stories and that’s what our leather does. It tells the story of your classic style. Wear it, pick it, or feel it; our finest leather jackets, bags, and wallets are crafted to bring timeless luxury to your life!

In today’s fashion forward world leather is having a huge moment. After all, it’s the finest fashion that you’d fall in love with!

Beyond serving fashion-forward looks, Nobel & Smith leather products are an absolute crush of modern men and women. We bet you’d fall in love with each of our finest leather piece at first sight. Rather, the reasonable rates would convince you to invest in our leather products as one-time investment. Because the full grain leather we make use of lasts for years and ages beautifully. And each sleek, slim, and stylish design compliments the contemporary fashion; that’s crafted with great precision.

The look, feel, and performance of Nobel & Smith leather is remarkable. Not to toot our own horn but our excellence speaks for itself. Beyond the world of fashion, art, and even business, our premium leather products are definitely a one-time investment that lasts for years to come!

Leather is a material that is timeless and natural, earthy, sumptuously soft, and durable all at once. Just the fitting characteristics you need to make a statement. Now that’s priceless because you can’t have a style statement that will be enough for every decade.

Even more immaculate is how we create our finest leather products. We pick rich leather texture based on durability, functionality, and how it ages exquisitely. We also use leather from sources that least impact the environment. Our expert craftsmen use superior quality genuine leather to manufacture trendy and stylish leather travel bags, leather laptop bags, leather duffle bags, leather jackets, and leather phone covers. We use full-grain tanned leather, made with chemical-free natural processes, to craft natural looking products that age fantastically.

We constantly improve leather processing machinery and craft each leather good with great precision.  We combine finest craftsmanship with distinctive style that matches your needs for elegance and fineness!

However, it’s true that leather needs optimum care and protection to keep it flawless. So, how can one care for premium leather goods? Our superior quality leather would stand the test of time while you care for your favourite picks through years!

But, what if you step out in the rain to flaunt your leather masterpiece and the leather gets wet?

If you end up walking out in the rain or even if an accident happens and you end up spilling water, fizzy drink, or wine on your favourite leather pick, wipe it with a soft, clean cloth gently, and let it dry. Keep away from sunlight and if it needs reconditioning, use non-colored leather cream or a conditioner organically made to bring back the rich texture and sheen.

The best part is, with so many benefits at hand, you don’t even have to go too far to order yourself the best leather product in the market. All you have to do is just scroll up and go to our products section to shop for your favourite piece. So, what are you waiting for?